Term Limits

How long should someone hold office?


Ultimately, this will be a question that will drive change in our political culture. In California, we have witnessed the damage that lifelong politicians in Sacramento can do to our rights and especially to our wallets. Nevertheless, this issue affects us down to the local level.


I am Kelly Carden, and I am running for Kern County Supervisor. The people in my community are dealing with issues that are not being addressed by the representation we have had for three terms. We are facing constant price increases, ridiculous police response times, and a myriad of other issues resulting from bad governance. I plan to serve the people of Kern as County Supervisor and make progress on these problems, but only for a maximum of two terms.


Why only two terms? I feel that any individual, myself included, could achieve the best outcomes for the people and themselves by limiting their time holding an office. The people need a servant and a representative who is running in to fix the problems, not running for another re-election. I joined the race when my water bill went up, when your water bill went up, and, like you, I was worried. How many local politicians can say that?


We have the opportunity to change this, to fix it so that future residents are not stuck with the same people making the same bad decisions. We do not have to wait for the rules to change; we can limit terms our own way, through the ballot box. Kern County residents are in favor of term limits? Then let's limit terms this November. I am Kelly Carden, and I am thankful for this chance to represent the people, my friends, family, and neighbors of Kern County District 2.