Housing Costs

The over-regulation of home builders, especially through local and state initiatives, is driving up the cost of buying a home and imperiling the financial stability of most adults in Kern County and the next generations. Regulation after regulation specifies feature after feature that is not just recommended but required, pushing more housing into the "luxury" sector and, in effect, criminalizing "starter" or "mid-level" homes.

Fighting against these regulations will be at the top of my list of priorities as your next County Supervisor. Through a multi-county coalition (that can only be won through this election), I will work with local officials to remove county and city ordinances and lobby the governor's office to relieve unnecessary regulations. For example, I will waive county-specific fees that discourage the construction of "starter" homes on day one. Any cost of this program will be offset by the added revenue of additional homes purchased. Additionally, out-of-the-box thinking such as modular construction or alternative materials will be encouraged in my office, not shut down as disruptive to entrenched powers.