About Kelly Carden

Kelly Carden has been in Kern County for most of his life and is so much a part of the community that he is willing to put his name on the line to fix its problems. He knows what the county needs and is not afraid to say it. He is also a Libertarian, allowing him to approach our problems from an out-of-the-box and bipartisan perspective badly needed in politics today.

Kelly Cardens mother's parents survived the Japanese Occupation during WW2 while his grandfather was defending their home. They lived in abject poverty and quit school at age 11 to work full-time. It got so bad that a family even tried to buy his mother when she was a child. However, after moving to Kern County in 1986, she became a homeowner and local businesswoman for over 30 years. She makes him so proud. Ever since, a member of his family has been in Rosamond schools. His stepdad, aunts and uncles, cousins, nephews, and now his children go to the same Elementary school he did. Now, he lives in Kern County with his girlfriend Shana and their children Rodney, Elisa, and Anderson. In addition, he has another daughter, Naomi, who lives just a few blocks away. He has worked his whole life in hospitality, serving others—something our current politicians have apparently forgotten is their duty as elected officials.


About Kelly Carden's Plan

Kelly Carden believes in managing our water resources more sustainably without saddling unreasonable water restrictions and fees upon Kern County residents. He will divert rainwater to the ground, eliminate decorative grass on county property, and invest in infrastructure. These are solutions proven to work elsewhere. He also pledges to limit our sheriff's ability to enforce laws that infringe our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. As a mixed-race son of an immigrant, he knows that all gun laws are directly aimed at people of color and those without the money to pay the fees. Finally, ending the over-regulation of our businesses is at the top of his list of priorities. School choice, rolling back cannabis regulations, and easing restrictions on home building will do wonders for the economy.

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    Kelly Carden is working hard to make Kern county the best that it can be for everyone in it! That starts with efficient communication. If you have a media request, comment, or concern, feel free to fill out the form and we'll be right with you! Making our county better starts with involved citizens like you!